Location: Mojave Desert and Mt. Whitney, USA    

Height: 4,421m AMSL

Date Summited: May 27, 2009, at 10:30 (PDT) – local time

Expedition: Dual (unguided and unsupported)


“Two-Extremes” is a mixed cycling & mountaineering expedition that took place in May-June 2009 consisting of crossing the Mojave Desert unassisted and unsupported on a bicycle from Las Vegas to the Pacific Coast, travelling through the lowest and hottest point in the United States in Death Valley, followed by a mountaineering ascent on icy slopes to the highest point of contiguous United States: Mt. Whitney (4,421m) in the Sierra Nevada, located midpoint between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Friend Andre Simoneau and I landed in Las Vegas with our bicycles, and biked 160km per day, riding towards the coast, crossing the Spring Mountains, Mojave Desert, Amargosa Range, Death Valley, Panamint Valley and range, Inyo Mountains, Owens Valley and finally Los Angeles National Forest. We climbed Mt. Whitney via the North col, also known as the mountaineer’s route. We reached the summit on May 27, 2009, at 10:30 local time. The support of 438 Squadron and Andre Simoneau was dearly appreciated during this expedition.

Antoine Labranche and Andre Simoneau on the summit of Mt Whitney (Photo Editing Jonathan Dempsey)

Antoine Labranche on the border of Nevada and California, just outside Death Valley (Photo Editing Jonathan Dempsey)

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