Mt Elbrus

Location: Caucasus, Russia 

Height: 5,642m AMSL

Date Summited: August 25th, 2009, at 12:15 (MSK) – local time

Expedition: Guided


Three months after the “Two-Extreme” trip through the desert, in August 2009, I left for Russia. This expedition was undertaken under a Canadian-led team, and it was the only ‘large group expedition’ that I ever took part in. Although this expedition was not as rewarding as the previous one in the Mojave Desert, it nevertheless was an enjoyable adventure. Having studied three years of Russian History, I enjoyed my time spent in Moscow. Elbrus is a volcano in the Caucasus mountain range, in Russia. It stands at 5,642m AMSL and is therefore the highest point in Europe. Elbrus, being located near the Black Sea, is subject to very strong winds and extremely cold temperatures throughout the year. However, the stunning view of the Caucasus mountain range offers an incredible experience while climbing Elbrus. Elbrus is also one of the Seven Summits. I reached the western summit of Elbrus on August 25th, 2009, at 12:15 local time. I would like to thank NDHQ Ottawa, Personnel Support Programs, and 438 Squadron for their support in this expedition.

Antoine on the summit of Mt Elbrus, Europe’s highest point

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