Welcome to my website. All my previous expeditions, and those to come, are recorded on this site. This site also serves to recognize my sponsors and those who are interested in joining my team as partners.

Mountains are not just impressive heights; they are far more than this, they are beautiful. Without a doubt, the mountain realm can be intimidating with its awesome size, majestic shape, gravity-defying slopes and jagged peaks, often making it a difficult environment to work in. But mountains also offer something quite unique to those who climb them. In essence, they inspire men to overcome struggles, both physical and psychological, which must be met in order to reach the summit. Though only a geographical peak, a summit can bring high rewards to a man when he stands on it, because he has achieved his goal. Whether one is a fellow mountaineer, an outdoor adventurer, or a businessman, one will discover that a challenge only appears to be a serious obstacle up until one has developed the right philosophy and set of mind; that of being confident to succeed and be willing to push oneself above and beyond one’s own comfort. This is key to achieving your goal, whatever goal this might be. Once this philosophy has been accepted, one’s dreams or goals are essentially already his.