Mt Hood

Location: Cascade Range, USA 

Height: 3,429m AMSL

Date Summited: March 18th, 2011, at 13:08  (PDT) – local time

Expedition: Dual (unguided, unassisted and supported)

Route: Normal Route (Winter)


Friend Andre Simoneau and I decided to attempt a winter mountaineering challenge in the Cascade Range. We chose to combine Oregon’s highest peak and Washington’s highest peak in a twofer climb. The winter made these climbs quite challenging as it was out of season and the weather proved to be extreme. The climb until Devil’s Kitchen was undertaken in near zero visibility conditions. Given that it was winter, there was numerous feet of snow and this made progress slow. The Hogsback had shifted left, not aiming directly at the Pearly Gates and the Bergschrund was not clearly visible.

Antoine Labranche standing on the summit of Mt Hood in the winter of 2011



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